Manifold End Rail Spacers
Manifold End Rail Spacers

Manifold End Rail Spacers

Reher-Morrison's intake manifold end rail spacers are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. These spacers fill the gap between the bottom of the intake manifold and the top of the lifter valley at the front and rear of the block. (This area of the lifter valley is sometimes referred to as the "china wall".)

This gap can be quite large due to: Installing certain cylinder heads (i.e. Dart or Brodix 20º, etc.), installing a standard manifold on a tall deck block, or milling the block,  intake manifold, or cylinder heads.

Filling this gap with large amounts of silicone or other sealers is not advisable, as large gobs of silicone will never completely cure properly. This can result in vacuum leaks at best, and potential damage to the engine at worst.

Reher-Morrison sells various versions of these spacers in different thicknesses for both big and small block Chevrolet cylinder blocks. See the following list to see what best meets your requirements

Part Number Engine Block
Size  Qty Price
300-251 Small Block Chevrolet .420" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-252 Big Block Chevrolet 1/8" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-253 Big Block Chevrolet 3/16" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-254 Big Block Chevrolet 1/4" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-254M Big Block Chevrolet - 9.850" Deck Height 1/4" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-255 Big Block Chevrolet - Tall Deck 1/8" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-256 Big Block Chevrolet - Tall Deck 3/16" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-257 Big Block Chevrolet - Tall Deck 1/4" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-258 Big Block Chevrolet - Tall Deck 3/8" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-259 Brodix/Donovan - 11.30" Deck Height 1/4" 1 Pr. $43.25
300-300 Big Block Chevrolet - Dart/Brodix 20º Heads (Top Spacer) * 1/2" 1 Pr. $49.95


Big Block Chevrolet - Dart/Brodix 20º Heads (Bottom Spacer) * 1/2" 1 Pr.


* Dart/Brodix 20º cylinder head applications required both a top & bottom spacer.

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