Anti-Reversion Plates
Anti-Reversion Plates

Anti-Reversion Plates

Reher-Morrison's CNC anti-reversion plates are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.  The underside of these plates are machined to increase plenum volume.  The 4 holes are tapered, or funnel shaped,  to reduce intake manifold pulses from reverting back into the carburetor. 

Reher-Morrison's CNC anti-reversion plates broaden the power curve of your engine, as they improve carburetor signal,  pull more fuel,  and increase power in most applications.

Other benefits include increased throttle response and faster recovery after gear changes or after coming off the throttle stop! These ½" thick aluminum plates are available with 1.750" diameter holes for 4150 style carburetors and with 2.050",  2.150"  and 2.250" diameter holes for 4500 Dominator style carburetors.

We also have 1" thick carburetor spacers that are CNC machined to match the reversion plates and provide even greater performance improvement!

(A typical 555ci BBC would see an 10-15 Hp improvement on the average!)

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