Moroso #60008 Crank Trigger Ultra Series Kit
Moroso #60008 Crank Trigger Ultra Series Kit

Moroso #60008 Crank Trigger Ultra Series Kit

Fits: O.E.M., Fluidampr, ATI, Fischer, JEGS, and other BBC 8.0" or smaller diameter damper cases with 4.749" mounting registers

  • Crank Trigger Kit is based on the popular, flying magnet-style kits
  • Compact adjuster arm for better fitment with two-piece oil pans and containment devices
  • The trigger wheel and arm are constructed out of billet aluminum with black anodized finish for long lasting good looks
  • Moroso has designed the trigger wheel and adjuster arm to allow for inifinite timing settings, while still giving you the ability to position the sensor for the greatest range of adjustment for your combination. No more having the sensor run out of adjustment before you even start the engine up.
  • The sensor mounting block is designed so that it will not stick out of the back of the arm and interfere with the oil pan
  • Moroso Crank trigger sensor comes with a more common plug to easily hook to any popular ignition box with no modifications
  • Kit mounts to passenger-side of block only and has two sensor locations for non-motorplate applications
  • Optional Moroso Part No. 60025 Adjuster Kit allows Crank Trigger Ultra Series Kit to be even more user-friendly
  • Includes all necessary hardware

60055 Replacement Crank Trigger Transducer
  • High-quality transducer with zinc-plated, cold-rolled steel body reduces unwanted signal interference and improves triggering accuracy
  • Special, non-hardening epoxy impregnates pickup for shock and vibration isolation
  • Built-in strain relief prevents wire from pulling out of potting compound
*Not legal for sale on pollution-controlled vehicles
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